Every six weeks, the volunteer centre host a meeting specifically for volunteer coordinators.  This is a chance for volunteer coordinators, from any organisation, to come together and discuss everything related to volunteering. This could be best practice knowledge, volunteer trends or general volunteering issues.  It is a great chance to network with other volunteer coordinators, share information and gain peer support.  


The meetings are very casual and we undertsand you may not be able to attend all the meetings on the schedule, and that is ok by us. We take notes from the session, which we share afterwards for you to keep involved.


If you would like to be included on the mailing list for the meetings, please fill in your details below.


You can also find our upcoming meetings listed here, which you can also register your attendance for.  We will update the topics for each meeting, closer to the time.

Next VCF Meeting

Thursday, 22nd October

This is a meeting for any volunteer coordinators in the Barnsley area to come share knowledge, support and network with others.

Full details of the agenda will be posted nearer the time.

This meeting will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams

Venue: Priory Campus Volunteer Centre , S71 5PN

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