Online Mentor
Hosted by: Brightside

As a mentor for Brightside, you will be matched with a handful of young people, with whom you will exchange messages and support them with activities via our secure online platform. You will give them insight into your education pathway and/or career and help them understand their options after school. You will help them understand their strengths and gain confidence in pursuing their ambitions. We have several projects coming up in partnership with schools in South Yorkshire that would benefit from people who know the county.

Our volunteering is flexible and can be done anywhere there is an internet connection, including from your phone. You opt into projects lasting 6-12 weeks and during a project it will take you around 1hour a week to mentor.

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

Volunteers complete our online application form and if accepted will be given an induction and training session, both taking place online. We also require a DBS check.

We get in touch with applicants when we have spaces available on inductions which is typically around 2 weeks. The length of the induction process depends on your availability but can be as short as 3 weeks. Once your DBS check is in progress, we will start inviting you to join projects.

Skills and quaifications:

Whether you work a desk job or in a manual role, are a CEO or beginning career, you have experience and knowledge that will help a young person. We need mentors to have good written English and access to a device with internet connection. But no other specific skills or experience are required. We provide full training on mentoring and using our platform so it matters most to us that you are enthusiastic and passionate about inspiring young people and promoting social change.

Mentors share their own experiences of work and/or education with mentees so having mentors from aa wide range of backgrounds is valuable to us and our mentees. We’re especially keen to hear from people who have done or are doing an apprenticeship and/or work in:

• Sport, including athletes, coaches, team managers and physios etc but also broader areas of work such as communications and event coordination
• Construction and associated trades
• Hospitality
• Maritime
• Health, clinical and non-clinical roles
• Engineering, all types
• Creative industries

Suitable for specific groups: BME, Carers, Disabled (physical), Employee volunteering, Long term health condition
Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Advice work, Befriending and buddying, Coaching/ teaching and training, Youth Work