Pantry Collection and Delivery Driver
Hosted by: Worsbrough Community Pantry

What does Worsbrough Community Pantry do?
We know that times are difficult, and we want to help people before they reach crisis point.
Worsbrough Community Pantry is not a foodbank; we simply offer good food at an affordable price. Individuals can access Worsbrough Community Pantry for a weekly fee of £3.00 and receive food items up to the value of £15.
The Pantry is run by volunteers at Worsbrough Community Church with support and funding from the Worsbrough Ward Alliance
What do Pantry Collection and delivery driver volunteers do?
Pantry volunteers will support the operation of the Community Pantry, for the role of driver this will include the following:
• Collect previous weeks used trays from the Pantry to return to FareShare.
• Report to FareShare on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am to load your vehicle with the new stock items.
• Delivering new stock items to Worsbrough Community Church.
• Help unload stock items.
• Checking new stock for sell by dates and helping to replenish shelves and fridge.

Location: Collecting from: Fare Share 14, Aldham Industrial Estate, Mitchells Way, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA

Delivering to: Worsbrough Community Church, High Street, Worsbrough, Barnsley, S70 4SG

Support and supervision from: Pantry Trustees

Time Commitment: Wednesday’s 9.30am – 10.30am*

* All roles and time commitments are fully flexible and can be tailored to the availability of the volunteers, however, we do ask that where possible the hours per session and the frequency of volunteering, i.e weekly or fortnightly etc, remain consistent. This is to help pantry trustees create a regular rota

Days required: Weds AM

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

If you are interested in applying for this position, the next step is to complete our application form.
For an application form, please contact, Michelle Toone on or 07741168776.

Skills and quaifications:

• Ability to drive is a must.
• Understanding of the importance of teamwork and a strong commitment to being part of a team
• Reliability, punctuality, and commitment to routine.
• Good oral communication skills

Support for volunteers-
Volunteers receive the following support throughout their volunteering:
• Structured induction and training
• Ongoing support and supervision from the Pantry Trustees
• Access to further training

Type of activity: Community Work, Driving