Barnsley Aphasia Cafe Volunteer
Hosted by: Speak With IT

Speak With IT (SWIT) are a registered charity whose mission is to improve the wellbeing of people with aphasia and their carers, by using technology, supported conversation and through the dedicated help of trained and compassionate volunteers, providing long term support. Your time will help the charity to meet its aims for providing support for people with aphasia and their carers:
1. To help people with aphasia and their carers to feel less isolated and more supported
2. To improve the communication skills of people with aphasia
3. To increase knowledge and understanding of supported conversation among people with aphasia and carers
The Aphasia Cafe role involves supporting people after stroke or head injury who have communication difficulties. As a volunteer, you would be expected to help by supporting people with communication difficulties to engage in conversation. Training will be provided by a speech and language therapist and we aim to have a team of volunteers supporting on the day.

Living with aphasia can be a very lonely experience when you don’t have the tools to tell people how you feel, or express your innermost needs. We use communication in almost every aspect of our daily lives, including using social media, talking with family, and even changing the channel on the television, but these things can all be very difficult when you have aphasia. Through attending our cafes people with aphasia and their carers have increased wellbeing and resilience. The aim of our work is for carers and people with aphasia to feel less isolated and more supported.

Days required: Fri AM

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

Volunteers should complete an application form on our website -
They will be contacted by Speak With IT after the deadline for the role on Friday 13th August.
There will then be a short video call meeting with a staff member prior to Speak With IT writing to two references.
The charity will then complete an enhanced DBS check. This will be funded by Speak With IT.
This process should take no longer than 1 month.

Skills and quaifications:

Students of speech and language therapy, or those looking to explore or develop a career in that area.
People looking to engage in outreach work in their community.
People looking for a skilled befriending role with impressive responsibilities, this opportunity is sure to look good on any CV.
People looking for a flexible volunteer role with low monthly commitment and hours arranged flexibly.
People looking for a unique voluntary experience – Speak With IT is the only charity of its kind across the country and the only charity offering this role.

Recruitment opens periodically throughout the year for training dates held in February, May, September and November.
After an application is made we encourage volunteers to attend an aphasia café before we offer formal training so they can see what the cafes are all about. Volunteers will be briefed before the session by the speech and language therapist.
In Barnsley the typical working hours will be 3.5 hours per month. This consists of fortnightly meetings at the Metrodome from 10.30 – 12. There will also be a 30 minute briefing.

Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Befriending and buddying, Caring, Community Work