Secretary (Treasurer)
Hosted by: Elmhirst Trust

This small Trust provides grants to adults who need to improve their education or training, usually to enable them to seek employment. This very small Trust, which has no office, telephone or email facility, is almost completely reliant on volunteers and communicates initially with applicants by post only. When an eligible, completed application form is received, an assessor will telephone the applicant to arrange a meeting at an agreed venue. The assessor will then discuss the application with the applicant and, where necessary, advise the applicant how best to proceed before preparing their report and recommendation. This report is emailed to all Trustees who circulate their recommendations so that a consensus may be obtained. The average grant awarded is about £500 and course fees are paid directly to the college/ training provider.

Secretary(Treasurer)- The secretary receives enquiries by phone and post and sends out details and application forms; assigns an assessor to each application and circulates their report; communicates the decision of the Trustees to the applicant; makes any grant payments. The secretary convenes and services three meetings of Trustees pa, which involves monitoring the performance of the Trust’s investments. The secretary makes annual returns to the Charity Commission and Companies House. The Secretary maintains financial accounts to satisfy the Trust’s independent auditors. A £500 pa honorarium is available.

Recruitment process:

Potential volunteers should telephone the Chairman of the Trust, Paul Elmhirst, on 01904 728213

Type of activity: Trusteeship