Chatty Wednesday Volunteers!
Hosted by: Barnsley CVS

Our Supported Volunteering Project helps people who have additional needs access volunteering opportunities. 'Chatty Wednesdays' is a social group that is run as part of the project for volunteers who are not quite ready to volunteer, or who want to develop their social networks and / or skills. The group meets on a Wednesday 11am-1pm for coffee, a chat and even some mini volunteering opportunities, such as a litter pick or helping in a community garden.

The role involves chatting to supported volunteers and ensuring they feel included, accompanying volunteers to the session and supporting them to carry out small volunteering tasks. Lots of coffee/tea involved and sometimes even cake!

Days required: Weds AM, Weds PM

How many volunteers are needed:


Recruitment process:

We want to make it as simple as possible to apply for the role. Please register your interest below and we will arrange to meet you for a friendly chat. If you are still interested, you will attend a 2 hour training/ induction session and complete your DBS check. You can come along to the group whilst your DBS is in process, but you will have a slightly limited role until it has come through. There will be a 1 month trial if you are successful in getting the role.

If you show interest in the role, we aim to get back to you usually within a week.

Skills and quaifications:

We are looking for someone who is friendly, encouraging, patient and understanding. You have to be good at listening and likes to chat! No experience needed- just the desire to make people feel good about themselves. The volunteer needs to be available to attend an induction/ initial training of about 2 hours and a DBS check will be done free of charge.

Gender restrictions?: No
Type of activity: Befriending and buddying, Mental Health