This is our new project which supports people who may need some additional help to get into volunteering.


It might could be that you have a physical disability, a long term health condition, mental health, offending background, have a learning disability, be long term unemployed or have low confidence and want to get into some kind of volunteering but don't know where to start. This is the project for you.  Our advisor Sarah will work with you on what you would like to do and find the right volunteering opportunity to meet your needs.  Sarah will give as much or a little support as you need, and may match you up with a mentor to help your journey.  Mentors could help you catch the bus to your volunteering or help fill in any paperwork needed for the role.  They could even accompanying you on your volunteering.


If you would like to know more or know someone who would benefit from the project, then get in touch via the form below.


We also work with organisations to remove barriers to get into volunteering, so volunteering organisations are inclusive to all.


We also need volunteer to help guide people through the whole process and we have a wide range of ways you could get involved. If you would like to see how you can become a volunteer for the project, head over to our opportunities page where you can read more about becoming a MentorPlacement Buddy, Door Opener or Buddy Two Shoes volunteer.  We also have chance for you to be involved with our 'Chatty Wednesdays' social group.


Supported Volunteering Enquiry Form