What is Employer Supported Volunteering?

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is where employers give their staff the opportunity to volunteer during working hours, meaning they can give something back to the community and meet their social responsibilities. Ultimately, it is a great way for busy people to volunteer and make a difference! Typically, employers with an ESV scheme will give individual employees a specific number of volunteer days or hours per year.

ESV activities can include providing support in your area of specialism, physically helping out with litter picks, gardening, or decorating, and one-off projects such as supporting with an event. Please note that opportunities are subject to availability.

Benefits of taking part in ESV:

  • Personal and professional skills development
  • Working together as a team in a different environment
  • Raising the profile of the company
  • Improved employee mental wellbeing and loyalty to the company

Kirsty, an ESV volunteer with GXO, said: “I love volunteering because there are so many amazing charities that are grateful for our help and it feels good to know I am helping the charities achieve the best they can to carry on supporting their causes. I also love to volunteer because I get to know my work colleagues a little better. We see each other every day, but very rarely have anytime to get to know one another, so that's a really good opportunity to get to know the people I work with.”

Benefits to charities and community groups:

  • Provides much-needed support for one-off projects
  • Raising the profile of the organisation with businesses
  • Increased recruitment of long-term volunteers

If you are a community group, charity, or project based in Barnsley that would like some support through the scheme, please complete this form and email it to [email protected] 


If you are an employer or employee who wishes to take part in ESV, please complete the form below:

Please note that we will do our best to find a volunteering opportunity that matches as many of your preferences as possible, but that opportunities are subject to availability.

Employer Supported Volunteering Enquiry Form

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