We can provide training in a number of specialised areas through our Sector Support and Community Accountancy teams.


We hold online and in-person training on various topics. Please visit our events page for more details.


We also have our e-learning program Brain Train. Barnsley CVS members and volunteers get access to a variety of courses, including:


- BMBC Adult Safeguarding 


This includes recognising and sharing adult safeguarding concerns; safeguarding for workers who will raise concerns; and self neglect and hoarding.


- BMBC Children Safeguarding


This includes exploring safeguarding issues, the signs and types of abuse, as well as online safety issues and an overview of the referral process.


- Data Protection


- Organisational Governance


- Online Safety


- Mental Health - Support


- Workplace Wellbeing


- Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


- Health & Social Care - Essentials


- HR & Administration



If you are interested in using Brain Train, please email info@barnsleycvs.org.uk