Whats Your Move

This is for Barnsley, by Barnsley.

What’s Your Move believes that everyone can find a move that will help them to be more active in everyday life and help improve physical and mental health.


It’s all about encouraging everyone in Barnsley to find their move and experience the benefits of being active by:


  • Understanding that everyone is different and being active is different for everyone.
  • Using the power of social media to show the different ways people in Barnsley are being active.
  • Providing a website to help point people in the direction of where they can find their move.
  • Barnsley people leading the way by sharing their stories and encouraging each other through social media, friendship groups, workplaces and our Ambassador Programme.


One of the most important parts of the WHAT’S YOUR MOVE campaign is about Champions promoting how they are active and helping other people to find their move.


These stories help people to see others who are like them and really bring it to life.    


What does a champion do?

Being part of the network of Champions means that you are helping Barnsley to become more active. We will help you in any way we can to get more people moving in Barnsley.

Being a champion is about:

  • Being positive about encouraging people to move more and be active.
  • Acting as a champion for being active in the places and with the people you can influence. This could be work, with family, in your community, with friends or just through social media.
  • Promoting, sharing and helping to support the ‘WHATS YOUR MOVE’ Campaign.
  • To be a role model to others.


To share 'your own story' and become a CHAMPION, you can download our template here 

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