Barnsley CVS and NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are holding an event to look at plans to improve health and wellbeing in the coming years. They want ideas from charities, voluntary groups and community organisation.


With medicine advances, society and health changes the NHS has to adapt. A national NHS long term plan has been published to address this. The plan locally recognises that wellbeing and good health is about more than health services, working with the community has potentially big benefits.


Lisa Phelan, Head of Community Services, Barnsley CVS said: “We act as the voice of the third sector in Barnsley and know there is a huge amount of knowledge out there which could be put to great use by the NHS. We are pleased to help the CCG and bring them together with our members.”


The event will take place on Wednesday 19 June at Priory Campus for groups who work in Barnsley. They will be able to find out the national long term plan for the NHS and offer feedback to the CCG.


Sarah Tyler, lay member at Barnsley CCG said: “There is a wealth of knowledge out there, from people on the ground who are an integral part of their community. The NHS is facing many challenges but working smarter we can continue to provide high-quality services to Barnsley.”


Also attending will be South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) who can offer advice to groups on where and how to access funding. There will also be a chance for people attending to network and find out what is working for other organisations.


Sarah added: “This event will strengthen our existing ties with organisations and allow us to build new links. This marks the next phase of working in a collaborative way.”


Lisa added: “We’d encourage everyone to make the effort to attend to learn more, make greater links with the NHS and to see what other groups are doing. We know that everyone is working hard in their own area and it’s easy to forget that others are in the same boat. Working smarter together and sharing information will benefit Barnsley.”


The event runs from 12 pm- 4 pm Wednesday 19 June at Priory Campus to attend contact or visit for more details.