The funding opportunity is for Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in Barnsley to apply for.  If you are wanting to apply for the funding either contact your relevant Area Council Manager or email your completed application directly to


The grant program is being supported and funded by Barnsley Council and Barnsley CCG but distributed by the Stronger Communities Team.


Children’s Respiratory Funding


This funding will fund VCSE organisations to provide extra support for children, families, and children’s respiratory and acute services during winter 2021 into spring 2022, and to raise awareness of management of respiratory infections in young children (particularly those up to the age of two) within communities that experience the greatest health inequalities.

It is for groups/organisations who are already providing services/support to parents and carers of young children, which could be extended to give extra support to those in need.

The aim is to:

  • Raise awareness with parents of Respiratory conditions in children (asthma, bronchiolitis) and in particular the symptoms to look out for and what actions should be taken.
  • Inform parents when to be concerned about the symptoms of respiratory conditions and signpost and support them to access the right NHS services.


Information will be provided to support the group/organisation to ensure appropriate information is being provided to parents.


Expectations for the grant programme:


There is an overall expectation that you will have looked at all funding opportunities available to your group/organisation and that you are willing to become a member of Barnsley CVS if you are not already.  You will be expected to complete an evaluation of your project along with monitoring of the funding.  The applicant will be notified if the application has been successful or not in writing. 

Nothing can be supported if it is retrospective, you need to clearly articulate that the funding you are requesting is to pay for something new or to help you cover the costs of your rent/utilities.  A payment won’t be issued if the work/project has already happened.


If your application is approved, we will contact you via email asking for a copy bank statement from the Organisation that has applied and further details if required.  Payment will be issued to the stated bank account.


If you are unsuccessful, you will be notified by email.


To download the application form, click here.